Omar dean

''Do not let anyone confine your potential or stop you from being who you know you can become.Certainly not any Stranger, not a friend, not a family member, not your boss or manager...None of them understand or realise what you're capable of achieving because they only see as far as their own limits and abilities. The world is lucky to receive your ideas, talents and energies, and you are infinite in providing that... People who don't appreciate it aren't yet worthy of your offerings. Sometimes it is too much for small minds so they will try to make you feel as small as them...But please never give in to that walk knowing that your path is only for you and as endless and colourful as you make it, push those aside who try to block your way and keep walking to what you envision ahead. Prove yourself for yourself, your life is relying on you to give everything you got...and it will send the right people who recognise that and are deserving of sharing it with you. But above all feel proud of yourself, you won't ever get the appreciation you deserve from anyone. You worked damn hard to get here, you are rightfully deserving and nobody can take that away from you.You and what you offer are the blessing, don't forget that and certainly don't seek validation or accept belittling from anybody.''


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